How to identify your engine or drive

The key to finding the right parts is correctly identifying which product (engine or drive) is being serviced.

The category structure of the engine parts section of is organized around the engine or drive product name. The name is a series of letters and numbers. To find the name (see Figure 1 below) of your engine or drive; locate one of the tags on the product that contains the name, specification number and serial number. A metal tag is riveted to all products. Some products also have this info on a decal on the top or side of the product.

The picture (see Figure 1 below) shows the typical location of these tags on current gas engine products. This information may also be listed in other places, such as previous shop work orders, warranty registrations, boat documents and such.

Make note of the entire name from the tag( See Figure 2 below). T he name in this example is 5.7Gi-B.

Indentify You Engine Help
Figure 1

Indentify You Engine Help
Figure 2