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For: HS1A
Figure #DescriptionPart #Qty*
1Transmission8731711Ratio 1.96:1 - Thru Dealer**
1Conversion Kit3803501
Replaced by

1Ratio 1.96:1 

Thru Dealer**
2Gear Housing8725001Obsolete part - Thru Dealer**
3Shield8725741  - Thru Dealer**
4Cardboard Tube8725011  - Thru Dealer**
5Valve Housing8727251  - Thru Dealer**
6Drive Gear Set8725101  - Thru Dealer**
7Bearing Housing8725051  - Thru Dealer**
8Bearing Housing8725061  - Thru Dealer**
9Oil Pump38515121  - Thru Dealer**
 • Oil Pump Housing 1   
10• Plug9450653 $8.40
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11• Gasket9690113 $2.30
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12• Lock 1   
13• Hex. Socket Screw9420016 $1.25
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14• Lip Seal68422731Included in gasket kit.$26.40
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15• Pump Element 1   
16Disc 14Included in disc kit.  
17Disc 16Included in disc kit.  
18Spring87258026  - Thru Dealer**
Replaced by


Thru Dealer**
20O-Ring9778912Included in gasket kit., Included in piston ring kit. - Thru Dealer**
21Piston Ring 2Included in piston ring kit.  
22O-Ring 2Included in piston ring kit.  
23Lock Ring8725222  - Thru Dealer**
24Needle Roller Assemb1841754  - Thru Dealer**
25Raceway Washer1842392  - Thru Dealer**
26Spring Washer8725812  - Thru Dealer**
27O-Ring9560002Included in gasket kit.$7.20
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28Thrust Washer8725702  - Thru Dealer**
29Needle Roller Assemb1847984 $18.10
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30Roller Bearing8725871 $90.00Out of Stock
31Round Nut9690721Included in gasket kit.$28.80
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32Round Nut9690732Included in gasket kit. - Thru Dealer**
33Washer8725201  - Thru Dealer**
34Round Nut9690741Included in gasket kit. - Thru Dealer**
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Thru Dealer**
36Inner Ring181303
Replaced by


Thru Dealer**
37Cup1834032  - Thru Dealer**
38Inner Ring1836492  - Thru Dealer**
39Cup1810362  - Thru Dealer**
40Inner Ring1847972  - Thru Dealer**
41Roller Bearing183232
Replaced by


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42Spacer Sleeve8725211  - Thru Dealer**
43Pretensioning Sleeve8725681  - Thru Dealer**
44Pretensioning Sleeve8725691  - Thru Dealer**
45Flange8725231  - Thru Dealer**
46Drive Gear Set8725071  - Thru Dealer**
47Shaft8725151  - Thru Dealer**
48Disc Spring8727942  - Thru Dealer**
49Valve8725241  - Thru Dealer**
50Valve 1   
51Ball15212401 $0.37
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52Piston Ring 3Included in piston ring kit.  
53Sealing Ring8727011Included in gasket kit.$39.40
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54Housing8725251  - Thru Dealer**
Replaced by


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56Service Kit8735191Obsolete part - Thru Dealer**
57Cardboard Tube8725671  - Thru Dealer**
58O-Ring9778901Included in gasket kit.$2.70
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Replaced by

2Included in gasket kit. 

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60Intermediate Lever8725261  - Thru Dealer**
61Hexagon Screw9552521  - Thru Dealer**
62Washer9400902 $0.24
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63Lock Nut9631041 $2.80
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64Anchorage8720751  - Thru Dealer**
65E-Circlip8732651Obsolete part - Thru Dealer**
66Bracket8725281 $42.70
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67Retainer8720741 $4.10
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68Washer8720762 $2.80
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69Cross Recessed Screw956083
Replaced by


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70Flange Screw9679491  - Thru Dealer**
71Cardboard Tube8725291  - Thru Dealer**
72O-Ring9559832Included in gasket kit.$2.50
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73Ball1838011  - Thru Dealer**
74Spring8725861  - Thru Dealer**
75Needle Roller1847961  - Thru Dealer**
76Shim977913 TH=0.10mm - Thru Dealer**
76Shim977914 TH=0.15mm - Thru Dealer**
76Shim977915 TH=0.35mm$11.40
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77Shim977910 TH=0.10mm$6.30
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77Shim977911 TH=0.15mm$6.30
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77Shim977912 TH=0.35mm$6.30
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78Shim978912 TH=0,30mm - Thru Dealer**
78Shim977909 Obsolete part, TH=0.35mm - Thru Dealer**
78Shim978913 TH=0,40mm - Thru Dealer**
78Shim978914 TH=0,45mm - Thru Dealer**
78Shim978915 TH=0,50mm - Thru Dealer**
78Shim978916 TH=0,55mm - Thru Dealer**
79Shim978917 TH=0,50mm - Thru Dealer**
80Sealing Ring42241311Included in gasket kit.$7.80
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81O-Ring9252633Included in gasket kit.$2.50
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82O-Ring9252601Included in gasket kit. - Thru Dealer**
83O-Ring9488661Included in gasket kit.$9.20
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84O-Ring9496591Included in gasket kit.$4.30
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85Flange Screw94776028  - Thru Dealer**
86Sign 1   
87Drive Screw9508852  - Thru Dealer**
88Lifting Eye 1   
89Bracket8726051  - Thru Dealer**
90Nipple8402741  - Thru Dealer**
91Oil Filter8343371  - Thru Dealer**
 Bulletin P-18-3-8  Return/Scrap of Oil Filter  
92Oil Cooler872626
Replaced by


Thru Dealer**
93Hose8726371  - Thru Dealer**
94Hose8726381 $119.70
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95Nipple1926392 $15.70
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96Gasket9476244Included in gasket kit.$0.82
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97Bracket8726151 $5.40
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98Hose Clamp9616742  - Thru Dealer**
99Dipstick38581561 $60.60
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100Hub8726082  - Thru Dealer**
101Cylinder8726112  - Thru Dealer**
102Support Washer9789061  - Thru Dealer**
103Plug9779173  - Thru Dealer**
104Gasket9476203Included in gasket kit.$0.52
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105Oil Strainer8725771  - Thru Dealer**
106Plug13814982  - Thru Dealer**
107Gasket Kit8765881See group 99$281.50
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107Disc Kit388507912pcs disc kit needed, See group 99 - Thru Dealer**
107Piston Kit8765891See group 99$187.90
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