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For: V8-300-CE-B, V8-320-CE-B
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second design, introduced Jan. 2011, ser. no. A155443 and higher

Thru Dealer**
2Cover211987601  - Thru Dealer**
3Wing Nut38416082 $8.17
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4Decal211994541  - Thru Dealer**
5Control Unit214690671SCU - Thru Dealer**
5Software38092861Warehouse programming. This p/n can not be ordered, but will be used for invoicing. - Thru Dealer**
5Software38092851Vodia-programming. This p/n can not be ordered, but will be used for invoicing. - Thru Dealer**
6Bracket214531601changed from earlier design - Thru Dealer**
7Flange Screw212806074  - Thru Dealer**
8Flange Screw946544
Replaced by


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9Hose, Return214384961changed from earlier design - Thru Dealer**
10Hose, Pressure214384941changed from earlier design - Thru Dealer**
11Hose, Starboard214384921changed from earlier design - Thru Dealer**
12Hose, Port214384901changed from earlier design - Thru Dealer**
13Nipple9843791  - Thru Dealer**
14Nipple9843781  - Thru Dealer**
15Clamp38528372Obsolete part, part not sold - Thru Dealer**
16Steering Cylinder212435571  - Thru Dealer**
16• Sensor, Position 4not sold separately  
17• Kit, Fittings212985771  - Thru Dealer**
18• • Fitting 1¼'' NPT, not sold separately  
19• • Fitting 1ORB-M, not sold separately  
19• • O-Ring 1not sold separately  
20• Clevis Pin 1not sold separately  
21• Cotter Pin 1not sold separately  
22• Bushing 2not sold separately  
23• Cable Attachment 1not sold separately  
24Cardboard Tube212773461  - Thru Dealer**
25Clevis Pin212340621  - Thru Dealer**
26Split Pin9677071 $10.73
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27Screw38509312 $23.42
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28Split Pin38533762 $6.33
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29Cable Kit35889721 $207.22
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30Wiring Harness212924501SCU - Thru Dealer**
31Wiring Harness212924721Power - Thru Dealer**
32• Fuse 110A  
33Clamp9843292 $7.65
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34Hex. Socket Screw9636751 $5.98Out of Stock
35Hexagon Nut9444561 $9.80
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