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For: 251A
Figure #DescriptionPart #Qty*
1Housing959046   - Thru Dealer**
2Protecting Sleeve, Rubber Cap855281 (841234), Obsolete part - Thru Dealer**
2Protective Cap829200 D=16mm D=6mm$12.00
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2Rubber Collar76614
Replaced by


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3Adapter673580  $5.10Out of Stock
4Plug941269 D=25mm - Thru Dealer**
4Protecting Bushing821053 D=35mm - Thru Dealer**
5Rubber Bushing823759   - Thru Dealer**
6Bellows1576005 Obsolete part - Thru Dealer**
6Casing1573077 Obsolete part - Thru Dealer**
7Protective Cap831966 Obsolete part, L=88mm b=32,5mm - Thru Dealer**
8Isolation844278 Obsolete part, Black, for (844280) - Thru Dealer**
8Isolation844279 Obsolete part, Red, for (844280) - Thru Dealer**
9Sealing Collar847005 L=4,6mm D=3,0mm - Thru Dealer**
10Sealing Collar847005 L=100mm D=20mm - Thru Dealer**
11Housing  1-way., For958208  
12Housing947848 1-way., L=20mm - Thru Dealer**
12Receptacle Housing, Receptacle Housing949181 Obsolete part, 1-way., L=24mm - Thru Dealer**
12Housing, Receptacle Housing964196 Obsolete part, 1-way., For958207 - Thru Dealer**
12Housing949597 1-way., L=24,5mm$0.67
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12Housing943511 1-way., L=24mm$0.22
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13Housing1578937 2-way - Thru Dealer**
14Housing958210 2-way$6.14
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15Housing945469 3-way., L=23mm - Thru Dealer**
15Housing, Receptacle Housing963374 Obsolete part, 3-way., L=24mm - Thru Dealer**
16Receptacle Housing948854 Obsolete part, 3-way. - Thru Dealer**
17Housing1214948 5-way.$1.37
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18Housing948856 (958213)$2.81
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19Housing948855 4-way., (958212) - Thru Dealer**
20Housing941104 Obsolete part, 8-way. - Thru Dealer**
21Housing941105 Obsolete part, 8-way. - Thru Dealer**
22Housing945830 11-way. - Thru Dealer**
23Tab Housing945831 11-way. - Thru Dealer**
24Housing944077 8-way. - Thru Dealer**
24Housing948294 9-pol$3.40
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25Housing948995 2-way.$2.18
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26Sealing Ring846615  $17.50
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27Housing846612 16-way$19.00
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28Unloading Cable846613
Replaced by


Thru Dealer**
29Block846647 16-way$48.30
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30Unloading Cable846613
Replaced by


Thru Dealer**
31Insulator1608765 For 965824$4.78
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32Seal1608766 For 1608765$2.50
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33Insulator1598753 For 949371$7.38
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34Housing1307048  $2.29
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35Housing1307049  $1.25
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36Housing846611   - Thru Dealer**
37Receptacle Housing853498 Obsolete part, 3-pol - Thru Dealer**

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