Repair Kits

For: D12C-A MP, D12D-A MP, D12D-C MP
Figure #DescriptionPart #Qty*
1Cylinder Liner Kit877573
Replaced by


Out of Stock
1Snap Ring91453012 $3.32Add to Cart
1Sealing Kit2709506 $58.24Add to Cart
1Piston Pin31551156 $61.49Out of Stock
1Piston Ring Kit3840819
Replaced by


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1Cylinder Liner 6   
1Piston 6   
1Sealing Kit2709506 $58.24Add to Cart
1Piston Ring Kit3840819
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1• Compression Ring 6   
1• Compression Ring 6   
1• Oil Scraper Ring 6   
1Big-End Bearing Shel2761346Std$32.90Add to Cart
1Big-End Bearing Shel2761356U.S=0.25mm$38.51Out of Stock
1Big-End Bearing Shel2761366U.S=0.50mm$36.00Add to Cart
1Big-End Bearing Shel2761376Obsolete part, U.S=0.75mm - Thru Dealer**
1Big-End Bearing Shel2763346U.S=1.00mm$34.41Out of Stock
1Big-End Bearing Shel2763496Obsolete part, U.S=1.25mm - Thru Dealer**
1Main Bearing205309167Std, (276615)$42.31Add to Cart
1• Bearing Shell, Upper 7Marked 20530902  
1• Bearing Shell, Lower 7Marked 20530900  
1Main Bearing205786247U.S=0.25mm, (276616)$42.31Add to Cart
1• Bearing Shell, Upper 7Marked 20578619  
1• Bearing Shell, Lower 7Marked 20578613  
1Main Bearing205786257U.S=0.50mm, (276617)$42.31Add to Cart
1• Bearing Shell, Upper 7Marked 20578620  
1• Bearing Shell, Lower 7Marked 20578614  
1Main Bearing Kit205786267Obsolete part, U.S=0.75mm, (276618) - Thru Dealer**
1• Bearing Shell, Upper 7Marked 20578621  
1• Bearing Shell, Lower 7Marked 20578615  
1Main Bearing205786277U.S=1.00mm, (276619)$42.31Out of Stock
1• Bearing Shell, Upper 7Marked 20578622  
1• Bearing Shell, Lower 7Marked 20578616  
1Main Bearing Kit205786287Obsolete part, U.S=1.25mm, (276620) - Thru Dealer**
1• Bearing Shell, Upper 7Marked 20578623  
1• Bearing Shell, Lower 7Marked 20578617  
1Thrust Washer3093651
Replaced by


Thru Dealer**
1Thrust Washer Kit30936521O.S=00,1mm$31.50Out of Stock
1Thrust Washer Kit30936531O.S=0,2mm$60.46Add to Cart
1Kit38885091 $1022.19Out of Stock
1• Adjusting Washer30944236TH=1,26mm$11.40Out of Stock
1• Adjusting Washer30944246TH=1,28mm$4.00Out of Stock
1• Adjusting Washer30944256TH=1,30mm$6.84Out of Stock
1• Adjusting Washer30944266TH=1,32mm$4.00Out of Stock
1• Adjusting Washer30944276TH=1,34mm$12.01Out of Stock
1• Adjusting Washer30944286TH=1,36mm$4.00Out of Stock
1• Adjusting Washer30944296TH=1,38mm$12.01Out of Stock
1• Adjusting Washer30944306TH=1,40mm$4.00Out of Stock
1• Adjusting Washer30944316TH=1,42mm$6.84Out of Stock
1• Adjusting Washer30944326TH=1,44mm$4.00Out of Stock
1• Adjusting Washer30944336TH=1,46mm$12.01Out of Stock
1• Adjusting Washer30944346TH=1,48mm$4.00Out of Stock
1• Adjusting Washer30944356TH=1,50mm$6.84Out of Stock
1• Adjusting Washer30944366TH=1.52mm$4.00Out of Stock
1• Adjusting Washer30944376TH=1,54mm$12.01Out of Stock
1• Adjusting Washer30944386TH=1,56mm$4.00Out of Stock
1• Adjusting Washer30944396TH=1,58mm$12.01Out of Stock
1• Adjusting Washer30944406TH=1,60mm$3.99Out of Stock
1• Adjusting Washer30944416TH=1,62mm$6.84Out of Stock
1• Adjusting Washer30944426TH=1,64mm$4.00Out of Stock
1• Adjusting Washer30944436TH=1,66mm$12.01Out of Stock
1• Adjusting Washer30944446TH=1,68mm$4.00Out of Stock
1• Adjusting Washer30944456TH=1,70mm$6.84Out of Stock
1• Adjusting Washer30944466TH=1,72mm$4.00Out of Stock
1• Adjusting Washer30944476TH=1,74mm$12.01Out of Stock
1• Adjusting Washer30944486TH=1,76mm$4.00Out of Stock
1• Adjusting Washer30944496TH=1,78mm$12.01Out of Stock
1• Adjusting Washer30944506TH=1,80mm$3.99Out of Stock
1Kit38867431Nozzle kit, For Unit Injector 3827636 and 3836007$145.00Out of Stock
1• Nozzle 1   
1• Spring 1   
1• O-Ring Kit2769481 $9.94Add to Cart
1Repair Kit2769401D12C-A MP$69.00Add to Cart
1• Push Rod81704951Obsolete part - Thru Dealer**
1• O-Ring81704961Obsolete part - Thru Dealer**
1• Ball1902971Obsolete part - Thru Dealer**
1O-Ring Kit2769481 $9.94Add to Cart
1• O-Ring 1   
1• O-Ring9496591 $3.76Add to Cart
1• O-Ring16773191Obsolete part - Thru Dealer**
1• O-Ring 1   
1Cylinder Head Gask30991001 $199.73Add to Cart
1Gasket Kit38307181 $183.86Add to Cart
1• Valve Stem Seal859171
Replaced by


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1• O-Ring94965912 $3.76Add to Cart
1• Gasket16758411 $1.71Add to Cart
1• O-Ring205364876(3165747)$3.53Add to Cart
1• Sealing Strip21070576
Replaced by


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1Connector Kit38191691Inlet/exhaust manifold, charge air cooler, therm.housing.$409.86Add to Cart
1• Gasket119941 $0.86Add to Cart
1• Gasket119962 $1.04Add to Cart
1• Gasket8644916 $23.27Add to Cart
1• Gasket38389531 $63.57Add to Cart
1• Gasket38847621 $36.09Add to Cart
1• Gasket9470844 $3.21Add to Cart
1• O-Ring9496562 $2.99Add to Cart
1• O-Ring9685591 $7.50Add to Cart
1• O-Ring9687252 $2.09Add to Cart
1• Gasket9690112 $1.84Add to Cart
1• O-Ring9760441 $11.54Add to Cart
1• O-Ring9760632 $27.79Add to Cart
1• Sealing Ring15472532 $4.77Add to Cart
1• Sealing Ring15472542 $5.36Add to Cart
1• Sealing Ring16750661 $2.44Add to Cart
1• Sealing Strip207142471(8170452)$8.81Add to Cart
1• Sealing204893411(8170473)$20.84Add to Cart
1• Gasket9769292 $1.13Add to Cart
1• Gasket38383421 $8.93Add to Cart
1Connector Kit38304551 $150.17Add to Cart
1• Gasket4206411 $2.24Add to Cart
1• Gasket4206431 $1.61Add to Cart
1• Sealing Ring4696011 $9.57Add to Cart
1• Gasket207845371(470939)$5.57Add to Cart
1• Gasket8626374 $21.44Add to Cart
1• Gasket8633531 $41.10Add to Cart
1• Sealing Ring15472551  - Thru Dealer**
1• Sealing Ring38251972 $20.50Add to Cart
1Set38309931 $283.16Add to Cart
1• Ball Bearing110132 $19.14Add to Cart
1• Wear Washer8262301Obsolete part$53.57Add to Cart
1• Deflector8129641 $8.19Add to Cart
1• Sealing Ring38293151 $76.71Add to Cart
1• Lock Ring8257351 $39.06Add to Cart
1• Sealing Ring8457951 $39.20Add to Cart
1• Hexagon Screw9635545 $0.69Add to Cart
1• Lock Ring8472302 $15.67Add to Cart
1Repair Kit38304591 $153.89Add to Cart
1• Impeller 1Use impeller kit 3830459  
1• O-Ring38306641 $32.03Add to Cart
1Repair Kit8774841(3830711)$891.64Add to Cart
1Overhaul Gasket Kit, Reconditioning38304541 $1042.30Out of Stock
1• Gasket119941 $0.86Add to Cart
1• Gasket1199620 $1.04Add to Cart
1• Gasket186772 $1.39Add to Cart
1• Sealing Ring4211582 $3.24Add to Cart
1• Sealing Ring205556965(421629) - Thru Dealer**
1• Sealing Plug4217231 $8.50Add to Cart
1• O-Ring4667391 $8.11Add to Cart
1• Gasket469328
Replaced by


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1• Sealing Ring4698463 $2.79Add to Cart
1• Sealing Ring4703832 $7.34Add to Cart
1• Gasket8361692 $2.59Add to Cart
1• Gasket8435843 $26.21Add to Cart
1• Gasket8625831 $6.76Add to Cart
1• Sealing Ring8632092 $22.40Add to Cart
1• Gasket8644918 $23.27Add to Cart
1• Gasket907132
Replaced by


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1• O-Ring9250272 $7.44Add to Cart
1• O-Ring925058
Replaced by


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1• O-Ring9250682 $2.06Add to Cart
1• O-Ring9250721 $1.47Add to Cart
1• O-Ring9250731 $2.13Add to Cart
1• O-Ring9250922 $2.76Add to Cart
1• O-Ring9673441 $5.59Add to Cart
1• O-Ring9252551 $2.56Add to Cart
1• O-Ring9252561 $2.20Add to Cart
1• Gasket9439082 $8.20Add to Cart
1• O-Ring9441261 $3.24Add to Cart
1• O-Ring9455121 $7.96Add to Cart
1• Gasket9456534 $12.63Add to Cart
1• Gasket9470846 $3.21Add to Cart
1• Gasket9476203 $0.43Add to Cart
1• Gasket9476241 $1.81Add to Cart
1• Gasket9476262 $1.07Add to Cart
1• Gasket9476278 $1.64Add to Cart
1• O-Ring9486102 $6.17Add to Cart
1• Gasket9488851 $4.29Add to Cart
1• O-Ring9488882 $26.14Add to Cart
1• O-Ring9489801 $3.50Add to Cart
1• O-Ring9489814 $6.36Add to Cart
1• O-Ring9497361 $6.71Add to Cart
1• O-Ring9673442 $5.59Add to Cart
1• Gasket9690117 $1.84Add to Cart
1• O-Ring9746731 $5.66Add to Cart
1• O-Ring38329061 $19.44Add to Cart
1• Gasket9769294 $1.13Add to Cart
1• Gasket9769301 $2.36Add to Cart
1• Gasket9769311 $4.11Add to Cart
1• Gasket9769322 $5.96Add to Cart
1• Gasket977937
Replaced by


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1• Crankshaft Seal851083521(1543896)$194.86Add to Cart
1• Sealing Ring15472542 $5.36Add to Cart
1• Sealing Ring15472552  - Thru Dealer**
1• Sealing Ring1636309
Replaced by


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1• Sealing Ring16773702 $4.13Add to Cart
1• Sealing Ring205514832(1677516)$11.44Add to Cart
1• Sealing Ring31650972 $2.63Add to Cart
1• O-Ring38267834 $20.43Add to Cart
1• Sealing Ring38275301 $50.83Add to Cart
1• Sealing Ring38328631 $130.33Add to Cart
1• Gasket39648331 $21.23Add to Cart
1• Gasket81705151 $3.23Add to Cart
1• Gasket81705341 $30.83Add to Cart
1• Sealing Ring8170558
Replaced by


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1• O-Ring38310941 $2.30Add to Cart

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