Lubricating System With Deep Oil Sump

For: D12D-A MG, D12D-E MG
Figure #DescriptionPart #Qty*
1Sump 1   
2Oil Pan35886221  - Thru Dealer**
3Pipe8967751  - Thru Dealer**
4Gasket8626021  - Thru Dealer**
5Flange Screw9454442 $1.43Add to Cart
6Plug4799791 $4.11Add to Cart
7Plug9606323 $7.46Out of Stock
8Gasket119983 $1.10Add to Cart
9Magnetic Plug949175
Replaced by


Add to Cart
10Gasket9493291 $1.46Add to Cart
11Plug4799561 $6.24Add to Cart
12Hatch8663553  - Thru Dealer**
13O-Ring9682043 $29.72Add to Cart
14Flange Screw94776022 $1.71Add to Cart
15Flange Screw94667130 $0.63Add to Cart
16Flange Screw9461732 $1.43Add to Cart
17Dipstick38299961  - Thru Dealer**
18• Sealing Plug4217231  - Thru Dealer**
19Sealing Ring205556961  - Thru Dealer**
20Guide38298051  - Thru Dealer**
21Oil Filler Pipe38271641  - Thru Dealer**
22Oil Filler Cap208075101  - Thru Dealer**
23• Gasket203650791  - Thru Dealer**
24Anchorage38271631  - Thru Dealer**
25Flange Screw9477601 $1.71Add to Cart
26Spacer Sleeve8430751 $3.83Add to Cart
27Flange Screw9464401 $0.63Add to Cart
28Suction Pipe38088621  - Thru Dealer**
29Bracket38296551  - Thru Dealer**
30Flange Screw9464402 $0.63Add to Cart
31Oil Pump81702611  - Thru Dealer**
32Flange Screw9651814 $1.00Add to Cart
33Pressure Pipe204112981  - Thru Dealer**
34Flange Screw9651812 $1.00Add to Cart
35Sealing Ring8170558
Replaced by


Thru Dealer**
36Sealing Ring4703832 $4.01Add to Cart
37Piston Cooling Jet31551516  - Thru Dealer**
38Flange Screw9663786 $0.70Add to Cart
39Screw4715861  - Thru Dealer**
40Nozzle81705831  - Thru Dealer**
41Spacer81707021  - Thru Dealer**
42• Sealing Ring1636309
Replaced by


Thru Dealer**
43Flange Screw31651422 $4.29Out of Stock
44Outlet Pipe81939711  - Thru Dealer**
45Sealing Ring16773702  - Thru Dealer**
46Rubber Moulding38179721  - Thru Dealer**
47Screw 2   
48Tube38295291 $229.65Add to Cart
49Clamp183871 $1.91Add to Cart
50Flange Screw9464401 $0.63Add to Cart
51Gasket9690112 $1.72Add to Cart
52Hollow Screw251671 $5.19Add to Cart
53Plug39648031  - Thru Dealer**
54Sealing Ring205556961  - Thru Dealer**
55Flange Screw9464402 $0.63Add to Cart

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