Intermediate Housing: Drive Sp-C

Figure #DescriptionPart #Qty*
1Intermediate Housing8549371 $2506.67Add to Cart
2• Gear Yoke8978291 $255.62Add to Cart
3• Shaft8974471 $36.97Add to Cart
4• Washer897511
Replaced by


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5• Split Pin172531 $2.05Add to Cart
Replaced by


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7• Bearing Bushing8530621 $46.87Add to Cart
8• Lubricating Nipple9401941 $9.67Add to Cart
9Needle Roller Bearin1833911 $34.82Add to Cart
10Sealing Ring1816202 $17.79Add to Cart
11Steering Knuckle8143861 $625.48Add to Cart
12Washer8976962 $11.12Add to Cart
13Hose Connection8540311 $41.67Add to Cart
14Sealing8143561 $9.15Add to Cart
15Hex. Socket Screw9418132 $6.23Add to Cart
16Cable Attachment8530781 $8.60Add to Cart
17Hexagon Screw9401682 $2.89Add to Cart
18Washer9401912 $5.21Add to Cart
19Tube8976441 $154.00Add to Cart
20O-Ring1250172 $2.11Add to Cart
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22Split Pin172761 $1.86Add to Cart
23Washer9401912 $5.21Add to Cart
24Control Rod8974481 $92.38Add to Cart
25Fork8139541 $19.82Add to Cart
26Hexagon Nut9401901 $0.24Add to Cart
27Split Pin172532 $2.05Add to Cart
28Split Pin1926621 $51.23Add to Cart
29O-Ring9252591 $3.23Add to Cart
30Shim941826 TH=0,05mm$8.22Add to Cart
30Shim941827 TH=0.20mm$8.22Add to Cart
30Shim948230 TH=0.35mm$8.22Add to Cart
31O-Ring9252561 $2.20Add to Cart
32O-Ring9418201 $5.23Add to Cart
33Bushing Kit876507
Replaced by


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34Clevis Pin8721262 $12.87Add to Cart
35Split Pin9677072 $2.40Add to Cart
36Hex. Socket Screw9418082 $18.33Add to Cart
37Hex. Socket Screw9418091 $7.34Add to Cart
38Hex. Socket Screw9594562 $7.90Add to Cart
39Washer8530952 $2.71Add to Cart
40Stud 2Included in upper gear unit.  
41Lock Nut9418852 $18.25Add to Cart
42Control Cable  See group 9  

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