Instruments For Separate Mounting, 24v

For: TAMD102D
Figure #DescriptionPart #Qty*
1Tachometer Kit87449612600 rpm, (873995)$603.53Add to Cart
2Lamp Socket8639451 $8.71Add to Cart
3Bulb8639471 $9.57Add to Cart
 Cable Kit 1   
4Ring8735171Alt., D=72mm$11.11Add to Cart
5Instrument Frame8732101Alt, D=75mm$19.81Out of Stock
6Brace Kit8732081 $24.67Add to Cart
7• Nut 2   
8Turbo Pressure Gauge8732061 $275.71Add to Cart
8Thermometer873196140-120°C$224.67Add to Cart
8Oil Pressure Gauge873198110x100kPa$214.83Add to Cart
8Oil Pressure Gauge873202130x100kPa$289.83Add to Cart
8Voltmeter8732001 $261.93Add to Cart
9• Lamp Socket8639451 $8.71Add to Cart
10• Bulb8639471 $9.57Add to Cart
11Front Ring8586431Alt, D=52mm$10.51Add to Cart
12Instrument Frame8568221Alt, D=52mm$10.97Add to Cart
13Brace Kit8732071 $12.71Add to Cart
14• Nut 2   
15Panel8732711 $116.14Add to Cart
 Gasket8732731 $13.14Add to Cart
 Screw8286474 $1.74Add to Cart
16Starter Switch35870721(864277)$212.06Add to Cart
17• Plastic Nut8599551 $12.24Add to Cart
18• Key8599532State key code when ordering - Thru Dealer**
 Bulletin 49-30  Key P/N 859953  
19Buzzer8285871 $152.07Add to Cart
20• Nut 1   
21Protecting Casing8587951 $5.00Add to Cart
22Toggle Switch8285841Alarm test$44.29Add to Cart
22Toggle Switch8285851Instr. light$44.01Add to Cart
23Nut8285862 $16.20Add to Cart
24Symbol Panel8588761 $40.43Add to Cart
25• Screw8286474 $1.74Add to Cart
26• Symbol Strip8586451For: coolant temperature, oil pressure, battery charging and preheater.$12.37Add to Cart
26Symbol Strip8735591For: oil level, coolant level, water in fuel filter and extra alarm.$32.57Out of Stock
27Reflector8287841 $27.43Add to Cart
28Electronic Unit8737371For: coolant temperature, oil pressure, battery charging and preheater. - Thru Dealer**
28Electronic Unit8732111For: oil level, coolant level, water in fuel filter and extra alarm.$403.71Out of Stock
29Bulb8288184 $6.29Add to Cart
30Spring Washer9419042 $0.10Add to Cart
31Cross Recessed Screw9416152Obsolete part - Thru Dealer**
32Panel8732721 $69.07Add to Cart
 Gasket8732731 $13.14Add to Cart
 Screw8286474 $1.74Add to Cart
33Push Button Kit8769501Start, green (873274)$126.10Add to Cart
33Push Button Kit8769501Stop, red (873275)$126.10Add to Cart
34• Gasket 2   
35• Push Button 2   
36Toggle Switch8285841Alarm test$44.29Add to Cart
36Toggle Switch8285851Instr. light$44.01Add to Cart
37Nut8285862 $16.20Add to Cart
38Buzzer8285871 $152.07Add to Cart
39• Nut 1   
40Protecting Casing8587951 $5.00Add to Cart
41Wiring Harness8735791Main station$351.76Add to Cart
41Wiring Harness8735801Fly Bridge$175.71Add to Cart
42Extension Cable'Verl846648 L=3.0m$92.19Add to Cart
42Extension Cable'Verl846649 L=5.0m$118.69Add to Cart
42Extension Cable'Verl846650 L=7.0m$158.54Add to Cart
42Extension Cable'Verl873838 L=9.0m$238.73Out of Stock
42Extension Cable'Verl873839 L=11.0m$286.47Add to Cart
43Distributing Contact1140598  $250.59Out of Stock

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