Gear Housing, Lower

For: DP-E
Figure #DescriptionPart #Qty*
1Gear385715212.32:1 & 1.95:1$8499.62Add to Cart
1Lower Gear3803414
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12.32:1 & 1.95:1 

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1Transmission385709911.78:1$8499.62Add to Cart
1Upper Gear, Exch380341311.78:1 - Thru Dealer**
1Gear385715511.68:1$8499.62Out of Stock
1Lower Gear, Exch3803412
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2• Gear Housing38568181 $3335.78Add to Cart
3• • Bearing Housing38570971 $605.18Add to Cart
4• • Attaching Plate8724391 $13.90Add to Cart
5• • Blind Rivet9777114 $6.85Add to Cart
6• • Check Valve8724381 $25.42Add to Cart
7• Countershaft8546111 $714.00Add to Cart
8• • Round Nut9690711 $11.02Add to Cart
9• • Inner Ring1846821 $17.20Add to Cart
10• • Splined Sleeve38522681 $51.47Add to Cart
11• Nut8522121 $32.05Add to Cart
12• Shim941832 TH=0.05mm$6.95Add to Cart
12• Shim941833 TH=0,20mm$6.07Add to Cart
13• Ball Bearing1833741 $47.28Add to Cart
14• Shim9449701 $6.07Add to Cart
15• Roller Bearing110721 $36.37Add to Cart
16• Shim944522 TH=0.05mm$8.42Add to Cart
16• Shim42981 TH=0.10mm$6.90Add to Cart
16• Shim968057 TH=0,20mm$6.07Add to Cart
16• Shim42980 TH=0.35mm$10.50Add to Cart
17• Tensioning Ring8973871 $6.93Add to Cart
18• Roller Bearing110441 $73.93Add to Cart
19• Needle Roller Bush1846541 $27.75Add to Cart
20• Oil Strainer8144821 $51.15Add to Cart
21• Magnetic Plug8529041 $43.63Add to Cart
22• O-Ring9559741 $1.84Add to Cart
23• Propeller Shaft8725331 $1100.00Add to Cart
24• Roller Bearing1847651 $157.93Add to Cart
25• Gear Set2190200512.32:1 & 1.95:1$2010.70Add to Cart
25• Drive Gear Set3861458
Replaced by


Thru Dealer**
25• Gear Set385560211.68:1$2216.37Add to Cart
26• Shim967352 TH=0.05mm$5.65Add to Cart
26• Shim941823 TH=0.10mm$8.22Add to Cart
26• Shim967351 TH=0.15mm$5.53Add to Cart
26• Shim941824 TH=0,20mm$2.83Add to Cart
26• Shim941825 TH=0,40mm$8.22Add to Cart
27• Roller Bearing1846911 $83.50Add to Cart
28• Shim191834 TH=0.10mm$2.78Add to Cart
28• Shim191835 TH=0.15mm$2.78Add to Cart
28• Shim191837 TH=0,25mm$2.25Add to Cart
29• O-Ring9252582 $2.29Add to Cart
30• Hex. Socket Screw9418122 $15.67Add to Cart
31• Zinc Ring Kit8758211 $36.98Add to Cart
32• • Screw9668082 $7.78Add to Cart
33• Needle Roller Bush1838591 $32.73Add to Cart
34• Inner Ring1846831 $34.38Add to Cart
35• Sealing Ring8514072 $32.38Add to Cart
36• Thrust Ring3856070
Replaced by

1Repl by 3858457 

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 • Thrust Ring38584571 $60.50Add to Cart
37• Needle Roller Bush1832721 $27.00Add to Cart
38• Sealing Ring853871
Replaced by


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39• Propeller Nut38513341 $48.67Add to Cart
40• Thrust Ring3856069
Replaced by

1Repl by 3858458 

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 • Thrust Ring38584581 $66.38Add to Cart
41• Spinner8725491 $114.73Add to Cart
42• • Propeller Cone 1   
43• • Washer9431941 $1.20Add to Cart
44• • Lock Screw8725461 $19.62Add to Cart
45• • Spacer Ring8536761 $31.08Add to Cart
46• • Plastic Washer8542941 $6.57Add to Cart
47• Tool Kit8730581 $38.21Add to Cart
47• • Wrench 1   
47• • Socket Wrench 1   
48O-Ring9252561 $2.20Add to Cart
49Hex. Socket Screw9418104 $10.10Add to Cart
50Washer8530954 $2.71Add to Cart
51Magnesium Kit8761381 $53.17Add to Cart
52• Screw9668082 $7.78Add to Cart
53Gasket Kit8762671Sub-Chart
$132.67Add to Cart

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