Engine Harness And Sensors

For: 3.0GLP-J, 3.0GLP-N
Figure #DescriptionPart #Qty*
1Wiring Harness38842361 $367.58Add to Cart
2Fuse Box 1not sold separately  
3Relay38588093 $25.50Add to Cart
4Relay38413662 $9.70Add to Cart
5Fuse3884849140A$21.82Add to Cart
6Fuse3841370120A$3.60Add to Cart
6Fuse3841371140A$3.60Add to Cart
7Fuse384137315A$0.32Add to Cart
7Fuse386340317.5A$0.32Add to Cart
7Fuse3841372110A$0.32Add to Cart
7Fuse3861373115A$0.80Add to Cart
7Fuse3861374120A$0.80Add to Cart
8Cover Plate 1not sold separately  
9Connector, 14 Pin 1not sold separately  
10Bracket38849481 $194.05Out of Stock
11Mounting Base38404022 $2.32Add to Cart
12Nut38521182 $3.58Add to Cart
13Clamp38521992  - Thru Dealer**
13Clamp, J38521461Obsolete part, Exhaust sensor lead - Thru Dealer**
13Clamp38524341Alternator lead$17.53Add to Cart
14Oil Pressure Senso38575321 $59.80Add to Cart
14Pressure Sensor8720641Dual station$47.66Add to Cart
15Sensor38522151 $32.75Add to Cart
16Adapter38557761 $23.07Add to Cart
17T-Nipple38526101 $33.15Add to Cart
18Sensor38520291 $23.68Add to Cart
18Temperature Sensor8720681Dual station$47.30Add to Cart
19Thermo Monitor, Coolant Water Temp.8720661 $67.88Add to Cart
20Temperature Sensor38625001Exhaust$23.95Add to Cart
21Screw38605821 $0.80Add to Cart
22Stud38505711 $23.22Add to Cart
23Washer9809331 $0.35Add to Cart
24Spring Washer38520021 $0.85Add to Cart
25Nut38520651Obsolete part - Thru Dealer**
26Alarm38179741 $36.27Add to Cart
27Wiring Harness3887227
Replaced by

1L=3.0m, 10 ft., replaced by next part number 

Add to Cart
27Wiring Harness211471691L=3.0m, 10 ft.$127.18Add to Cart
27Wiring Harness3887228
Replaced by

1L=6.0m, 19.7 ft., replaced by next part number 

Out of Stock
27Wiring Harness211471701L=6.0m, 19.7 ft.$275.00Out of Stock
27Wiring Harness38872291L=8.0m, 26.2 ft., replaced by next part number$165.83Add to Cart
27Wiring Harness211471711L=8.0m, 26.2 ft.$255.77Add to Cart
28Wiring Harness, Y38877331 $163.46Add to Cart

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