Electrical Materials

For: 5.0GXiE-JF, 5.0GXiE-J, 5.0OSiE-JF, 5.0OSiE-J, 5.0GXiE-K, 5.0GXiE-KF, 5.0GXiE-M, 5.0GXiE-MF, 5.0GXiE-N
Figure #DescriptionPart #Qty*
1Electric Cable970624 1,5mm², black$0.67Add to Cart
1Electric Cable, Type Rk970626 1,5mm², red$2.66Out of Stock
1Electric Cable, Type R2970661 1,5mm², red$1.29Out of Stock
1Electric Cable, Type R2970663 Obsolete part, 2,5mm², black - Thru Dealer**
1Electric Cable, Type R2970698 2,5mm², red$1.51Out of Stock
1Electric Cable, Type Rk970700 4,0mm², black$36.49Out of Stock
1Electric Cable, Type Rk970709 Obsolete part, 6,0mm², black - Thru Dealer**
1Electric Cable, Type R2970711 6,0mm², red$3.94Add to Cart
1Electric Cable954485 16,0mm², red$12.86Out of Stock
1Electric Cable, Type Rk954500 Obsolete part, 25,0mm², red - Thru Dealer**
1Electric Cable954502 35,0mm², red$26.61Out of Stock
2Power Cable874854 Non reinforced ship cable approved by classification societies., 2x1,5mm²$25.71Out of Stock
2Cable863657 Obsolete part, Reinforced ship cable approved by classification societies., 4,0mm², red - Thru Dealer**
2Power Cable874855 Non reinforced ship cable approved by classification societies., 2x2,5mm²$44.71Out of Stock
2Cable842092 Obsolete part, Non reinforced ship cable approved by classification societies., 3x1,5mm² - Thru Dealer**
2Power Cable874858 Obsolete part, Non reinforced ship cable approved by classification societies., 6,0mm², black - Thru Dealer**
2Cable842090 Obsolete part, Non reinforced ship cable approved by classification societies., 16,0mm², red - Thru Dealer**
2Power Cable874861 Non reinforced ship cable approved by classification societies., 25,0mm², red$38.43Out of Stock
2Power Cable874862 Non reinforced ship cable approved by classification societies., 35,0mm², red$55.57Out of Stock
2Electric Cable846639 Non reinforced ship cable approved by classification societies., 2x1,5mm²$47.00Out of Stock
2Power Cable874870 Non reinforced ship cable approved by classification societies., 2x1,5mm²$125.57Out of Stock
Replaced by

 Replaced by wiring harness 872679 and adapter 872939 

Out of Stock
2Electric Cable874346 Obsolete part, Reinforced ship cable approved by classification societies., RFOU 0,6/1kv - Thru Dealer**
2Wiring Harness872679 (846346)$847.14Out of Stock
3Adapter872939 (846346)$13.79Out of Stock
4Cable Tie948211 3x1,5mm²$0.16Add to Cart
4Cable Tie949666 3x4,0mm²$4.23Add to Cart
4Cable Tie948616 3x6,0mm²$0.58Add to Cart
4Cable Tie980464
Replaced by

 Obsolete part 

Add to Cart
4Cable Tie862832 4x1,5mm²$83.96Out of Stock
4Cable Tie980881  $1.27Add to Cart
5Clamp947827 25,4mm$2.23Add to Cart
6Tape858283 4x2,5mm²$13.64Add to Cart
7Clip844280 16x1,5mm²$12.61Out of Stock
8Isolation844278 Obsolete part, Red - Thru Dealer**
8Isolation844279 Obsolete part, Black - Thru Dealer**
9Cable Terminal954505 D=77mm L=280mm$16.77Add to Cart
9Cable Terminal954506 D=42mm L=170mm$16.77Add to Cart
10Splice956956 D=102mm L=362mm$0.51Out of Stock
10Splice956958 1,5-2,5mm², blue$1.49Out of Stock
10Splice956960 L=61mm$2.09Out of Stock
11Coupling Piece926219 Obsolete part, Black - Thru Dealer**
12Connector944306 Blue$2.23Out of Stock
13Protective Cap829200 0,5-1,0mm², red$8.57Add to Cart
14Protecting Casing1234326 Obsolete part, 1,5-2,5mm², blue - Thru Dealer**
15Washer960140 3-6mm², yellow$0.27Add to Cart
16Plug941269 Max 20mm², 12-pole$2.14Add to Cart
16Protecting Bushing821053 I.D=35mm$29.00Add to Cart
16Plug943920 I.D=40mm$7.57Out of Stock
17Diode20382270  $11.59Add to Cart
18Diode20382270  $11.59Add to Cart
19Cable Terminal970788 M5x1,1-2,5mm²$0.94Add to Cart
19Cable Terminal970789 M6x1,1-2,5mm²$0.27Out of Stock
19Cable Terminal970791 Obsolete part, M10x1,1-2,5mm² - Thru Dealer**
20Cable Terminal881492 M4x1,1-2,5mm²$1.71Out of Stock
20Cable Terminal881493 M5x1,1-2,5mm²$0.27Add to Cart
20Cable Terminal881508 M6x1,1-2,5mm²$0.37Out of Stock
20Cable Terminal881494 M8x1,1-2,5mm²$0.57Out of Stock
20Cable Terminal881504 M10x1,1-2,5mm²$1.50Out of Stock
20Cable Terminal881506 M4x2,6-6,0mm²$1.71Out of Stock
20Cable Terminal881495 M5x2,6-6,0mm²$0.50Out of Stock
20Cable Terminal881496 M6x2,6-6,0mm²$0.53Out of Stock
20Cable Terminal881497 M8x2,6-6,0mm² - Thru Dealer**
20Cable Terminal881498 M10x2,6-6,0mm² - Thru Dealer**
20Cable Terminal940331 M5x6,1-10,0mm²$1.24Out of Stock
20Cable Terminal940332 M6x6,1-10,0mm² - Thru Dealer**
20Cable Terminal940333 M8x6,1-10,0mm²$2.38Out of Stock
20Cable Terminal940334 Obsolete part, M10x6,1-10,0mm² - Thru Dealer**
20Cable Terminal881512 M5x10,1-16,0mm²$2.07Out of Stock
20Cable Terminal940335 M6x10,1-16,0mm²$1.12Out of Stock
20Cable Terminal940336 M8x10,1-16,0mm²$1.54Out of Stock
20Cable Terminal940337 M10x10,1-16,0mm²$1.59Out of Stock
21Cable Terminal949587 M10x10mm²$1.96Add to Cart
22Nut8140576 M4$1.64Add to Cart
23Cable Terminal865758 I.D=12,5 D=23mm$9.79Add to Cart
24Cable Terminal944485 6,3xM5x180$0.29Add to Cart
25Tab839328 16,3x6,3x0,8$9.21Out of Stock
26Cable Terminal881491 6,3x0,75-2,1mm²$2.22Add to Cart
27Cable Terminal853015 For trim instrument., For 853866, Yasaki$3.27Add to Cart
28Cable Terminal942429 For 853866, Yasaki$0.31Out of Stock
29Cable Terminal3829867  $1.43Add to Cart
29Cable Terminal3829868  $0.87Add to Cart
30Cable Terminal970777  $0.19Add to Cart
31Housing968377 2,8x2 natural$0.63Add to Cart
31Housing968379 2,8x2 gray$1.07Out of Stock
32Housing968376 4,8/2,8x2 natural$0.84Add to Cart
32Housing968378 4,8/2,8x2 gray$0.84Out of Stock
33Cable Terminal974313 2,8x0,8x1,1-2,5mm²$1.61Add to Cart
34Housing968401 2,8x8 natural$3.66Add to Cart
35Housing968400 4,8/2,8x8 natural$1.46Add to Cart
36Housing976256 2-pole$4.04Add to Cart
37Housing967713 3-pole$10.71Out of Stock

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