Control Unit And Cables, Evc-C & -C2

For: 5.0GXiE-JF, 5.0GXiE-J, 5.0OSiE-JF, 5.0OSiE-J, 5.0GXiE-K, 5.0GXiE-KF, 5.0GXiE-M, 5.0GXiE-MF, 5.0GXiE-N
Figure #DescriptionPart #Qty*
1Cable Kit35882071Display$113.81Add to Cart
2Cable Kit8817861Control panel, start/stop$62.93Add to Cart
3• Housing9771841 $7.91Add to Cart
4Relay873765112V - Thru Dealer**
5Cable Kit8747891L=5.0m$123.06Add to Cart
5Cable8895501L=7.0m$146.19Add to Cart
5Cable8895511L=9.0m$155.26Add to Cart
5Cable8895521L=11.0m$174.47Add to Cart
5Cable8880131L=13.0m$173.49Add to Cart
5Extension Cable'Verl38894101L=1.5m$93.90Add to Cart
5Extension Cable'Verl38427331L=3.0m$109.81Add to Cart
5Extension Cable'Verl38427341L=5.0m$125.74Add to Cart
5Extension Cable'Verl38427351L=7.0m$141.64Add to Cart
5Extension Cable'Verl38427361L=9.0m$157.56Add to Cart
5Extension Cable'Verl38427371L=11.0m$173.49Add to Cart
5Extension Cable'Verl211724691L=20m$322.80Add to Cart
5Extension Cable'Verl211724701L=40m$622.56Add to Cart
6Cable Kit8746761EVC control lever cable, 6-pole., L=1.5m$36.20Add to Cart
7Cable Kit35889721Y-connector bus cable, 6-pole., L=0.5m$103.06Add to Cart
8Starter Switch8566591Kit with 2 key switch with identical key.$33.36Add to Cart
9• Wrench 1   
10Wiring Harness, Starter Switch38895741 $46.91Add to Cart
11• Housing9771841 $7.91Add to Cart
12Relay8737651  - Thru Dealer**
13Control Unit, Not Programmed38844811HCU. Software ordered separately or downloaded with Vodia.$1679.00Add to Cart
13Software35862611Warehouse programming. This p/n can not be ordered, but will be used for invoicing.$248.57Out of Stock
13Software35862591Vodia-programming. This p/n can not be ordered, but will be used for invoicing.$0.01Out of Stock
14Control Unit38494961PCU. Software ordered separately or downloaded with Vodia.$1971.67Add to Cart
14Software35862671Warehouse programming. This p/n can not be ordered, but will be used for invoicing.$248.57Out of Stock
14Software35862661Vodia-programming. This p/n can not be ordered, but will be used for invoicing.$0.01Add to Cart
15Cable38866661L=1.5m$127.36Add to Cart
15Wiring Harness2116600217m$127.74Add to Cart
15Wiring Harness2116600319m$144.06Add to Cart
15Wiring Harness21166004113m$184.46Add to Cart
16Cable Kit35882061 $84.20Add to Cart
17Cable Kit8748071 $25.33Add to Cart
18Cable Kit38088521 $50.80Add to Cart
19Control Unit38489661Dimmer unit$386.23Out of Stock
 Bulletin P-38-1-1  ADU - Automatic Dimmer Unit  

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