Figure #DescriptionPart #Qty*
1Carburetor38502451  - Thru Dealer**
 Bulletin P-23-1-1  Power valve kits, Holley  
1Float38535751  - Thru Dealer**
2Repair Kit3854347
Replaced by

1replaced by next part number 

Thru Dealer**
2Repair Kit38540201Obsolete part - Thru Dealer**
2Kit215334001 $84.03
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 Bulletin P-23-1-3  Carburetor Rebuild Kit, 4.3\\5.0\\5.7L  
3Gasket38532801 $6.30
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4Gasket38532791 $5.55
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5Diaphragm38542571Obsolete part - Thru Dealer**
6Choke38539921Obsolete part - Thru Dealer**
7Cap38520821 $10.57
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8Cable Tie38521581Obsolete part - Thru Dealer**
9Washer38521911Obsolete part - Thru Dealer**
10Nut38521424 $2.73
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11Stud38535601 $13.13
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12Pad38504583Obsolete part - Thru Dealer**
13Flame Shield38540261Obsolete part - Thru Dealer**
14Connector38526951Obsolete part - Thru Dealer**
15Hose38524351 $14.78
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16Nut38527491 $9.30
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17Cable38538451Obsolete part - Thru Dealer**
18• Terminal, 0.25038542581Obsolete part - Thru Dealer**
19• Terminal, 0.31238520371Obsolete part - Thru Dealer**
20• Cover, Terminal38542591Obsolete part - Thru Dealer**
21Screw, Throttle Lever To Carburetor38504151Obsolete part - Thru Dealer**
22Screw38521541Obsolete part - Thru Dealer**
23Nut, Throttle Lever38537581Obsolete part - Thru Dealer**
Replaced by


Thru Dealer**
25Washer, Throttle Cable To Lever3852049
Replaced by


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26Split Pin38520521 $0.78
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27Intermediate Lever, Carburetor38502171Obsolete part - Thru Dealer**
28Adapter, Carburetor To Intake Manifold38532781Obsolete part - Thru Dealer**
29Nut38535611Obsolete part - Thru Dealer**
30Screw38528644 $3.48
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31Stud38533734 $3.95
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32Washer38520071 $4.25
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33Adapter38509411 $23.37
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34Washer38521931 $4.20
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35Split Pin38520521 $0.78
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36Retainer38520191 $4.25
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37Cover, Flame Arrestor38505101Obsolete part - Thru Dealer**
38Decal38505361 $15.43
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39Decal38505451  - Thru Dealer**

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