Cables And Terminals

For: 251A
Figure #DescriptionPart #Qty*
1Electric Cable, Cable964131 Obsolete part - Thru Dealer**
1Electric Cable, Cable964132 Obsolete part, RK 0,75mm² - Thru Dealer**
1Electric Cable, Cable964135 Obsolete part, RK 0,75mm² - Thru Dealer**
1Electric Cable, Cable964136 Obsolete part, RK 0,75mm² - Thru Dealer**
1Electric Cable954443
Replaced by

 RK 1,5mm², black 

Out of Stock
1Electric Cable954444 RK 1,5mm², brown - Thru Dealer**
1Electric Cable954445
Replaced by

 RK 1,5mm², red 

Out of Stock
1Electric Cable965754 Obsolete part, RK 1,5mm², purple - Thru Dealer**
1Electric Cable954446 Obsolete part, RK 1,5mm², yellow - Thru Dealer**
1Electric Cable954447 Obsolete part, RK 1,5mm², green - Thru Dealer**
1Electric Cable954448 Obsolete part, RK 1,5mm², blue - Thru Dealer**
1Electric Cable954449 Obsolete part, RK 1,5mm², grey - Thru Dealer**
1Electric Cable954450 Obsolete part, RK 1,5mm², ivory - Thru Dealer**
1Electric Cable, Cable961792 Obsolete part, RK 1,5mm² - Thru Dealer**
1Electric Cable, Cable961795 Obsolete part, RK 1,5mm² - Thru Dealer**
1Electric Cable, Cable961794 Obsolete part, RK 1,5mm² - Thru Dealer**
1Electric Cable, Cable961798 Obsolete part, RK 1,5mm² - Thru Dealer**
1Electric Cable, Cable961800 Obsolete part, RK 1,5mm² - Thru Dealer**
1Electric Cable, Cable964142 Obsolete part, RK 1,5mm² - Thru Dealer**
1Electric Cable954451
Replaced by

 RK 2,5mm², black 

Out of Stock
1Electric Cable954452 Obsolete part, RK 2,5mm², brown - Thru Dealer**
1Electric Cable954453 Obsolete part, RK 2,5mm², red - Thru Dealer**
1Electric Cable954455 Obsolete part, RK 2,5mm², green - Thru Dealer**
1Electric Cable954456 Obsolete part, RK 2,5mm², blue - Thru Dealer**
1Electric Cable954458 Obsolete part, RK 2,5mm², ivory - Thru Dealer**
1Electric Cable954461
Replaced by

 RK 4mm², red 

Out of Stock
1Electric Cable954464 Obsolete part, RK 4mm², blue - Thru Dealer**
1Electric Cable954465 Obsolete part, RK 4mm², grey - Thru Dealer**
1Electric Cable954463 Obsolete part, RK 4mm², green - Thru Dealer**
1Electric Cable954467
Replaced by

 RK 6mm², black 

Thru Dealer**
1Electric Cable954469
Replaced by

 RK 6mm², red 

Out of Stock
1Electric Cable954471 Obsolete part, RK 6mm², green - Thru Dealer**
1Electric Cable954485 RK 16mm², red$14.71Out of Stock
1Electric Cable, Type Rk954500 Obsolete part, RK 25mm², red - Thru Dealer**
1Electric Cable954502 RK 35mm², red$28.77Out of Stock
Replaced by

 2X1,5mm² class 

Out of Stock
Replaced by

 19X1,5mm² class 

Out of Stock
2Ship Cable     
2Cable863657 Obsolete part, Armoured, 2X1,5mm² class - Thru Dealer**
2Cable842092 Obsolete part, 3X1,5mm² class - Thru Dealer**
Replaced by

 4X1,5mm² class 

Out of Stock
2Cable842093 Obsolete part, 7X1,5mm² class - Thru Dealer**
2Cable843084 Obsolete part, 12X1,5mm² class - Thru Dealer**
2Electric Cable846639 16X1,5mm² class$49.86
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Replaced by

 2X2,5mm² class 

Out of Stock
Replaced by

 4X2,5mm² class 

Out of Stock
2Cable842090 Obsolete part, 3X6mm² class - Thru Dealer**
2Cable843085 Obsolete part, 3X16mm² class - Thru Dealer**
2Cable846345 Obsolete part, 2X6+2X1,5mm² class - Thru Dealer**
Replaced by

 2X16+2X1,5mm² class 

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3Hose185501 Obsolete part, D=9mm, i.d=8mm - Thru Dealer**
3Hose969015 Obsolete part, (949988) - Thru Dealer**
3Hose185506 Obsolete part, D=6mm, i.d=5mm - Thru Dealer**
3Hose185507 Obsolete part, D=11mm, i.d=10mm - Thru Dealer**
3Outer Casing185509 Obsolete part, D=19mm, i.d=15mm - Thru Dealer**
4Cable Mark899751 Obsolete part, For ground wire, For cable area 1-2,5mm² - Thru Dealer**
5Cable Tie948210
Replaced by


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5Cable Tie335146 Obsolete part, Al - Thru Dealer**
6Terminal Block942659
Replaced by


Out of Stock
6Terminal Block942660
Replaced by


Out of Stock
6Terminal Block942558 Obsolete part, 8-way. - Thru Dealer**
6Terminal Block942661 Obsolete part, 10-WAY. - Thru Dealer**
6Terminal Block942662 Obsolete part, 12-way. - Thru Dealer**
7Coupling Piece182010
Replaced by

 2-way., Max 15mm² 

Thru Dealer**
7Coupling Piece190128
Replaced by

 5-way., Max 15mm² 

Thru Dealer**
7Coupling Piece926219 Obsolete part, 6-Way, (182008) - Thru Dealer**
7Coupling Piece941412 Obsolete part, 3-way., Max 20mm² - Thru Dealer**
8Cable Terminal956924 Obsolete part, Pour section cable 0,5-1,5 millimetre-carre, I.d=3,7mm D=5,6mm - Thru Dealer**
8Cable Terminal956927
Replaced by

 For cable area 1,5-2,5mm²., I.d=3,7mm D=17mm 

Out of Stock
8Cable Terminal956928
Replaced by

 For cable area 1,5-2,5mm²., I.d=4,3mm D=18mm 

Out of Stock
9Cable Terminal881516 Pour section cable 0,5-1,5 millimetre-carre, I.d=3,5mm D=5,5mm$2.43Out of Stock
9Cable Terminal881519 Obsolete part, For cable area 2,7-6,6mm², I.d=3,7mm D=7,1mm - Thru Dealer**
9Cable Terminal949591 Obsolete part, For cable area 6,5-10,5mm²., I.d=4,3mm D=8mm - Thru Dealer**
9Cable Terminal881492 For cable area 0,75-2,0mm²., I.d=4,3mm D=8,7mm$1.83Out of Stock
9Cable Terminal881506 For cable area 3,0-6,0mm²., I.d=4,3mm D=9,5mm$1.91Out of Stock
9Cable Terminal881493 For cable area 1,5-2,5mm²., I.d=5,2mm D=8,7mm$0.29
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9Cable Terminal881495 For cable area 3,0-6,0mm²., I.d=5,2mm D=9,5mm$0.51Out of Stock
9Cable Terminal881512 For cable area 10,5-16,5mm², (958235)$2.29Out of Stock
9Cable Terminal940331 For cable area 6,1-10mm², I.d=5,3mm D=10mm$1.41Out of Stock
9Cable Terminal940335 For cable area 16mm², I.d=6,5mm D=16mm$1.13Out of Stock
9Cable Terminal881508 For cable area 1,5-2,5mm²., I.d=6,7mm D=11,9mm$0.39Out of Stock
9Cable Terminal881496 For cable area 3,0-6,0mm²., I.d=6,7mm D=12,7mm$0.54Out of Stock
9Cable Terminal940335 For cable area 10,5-16,0mm²., (881501)$1.13Out of Stock
9Cable Terminal881494 For cable area 1,5-2,5mm²., I.d=8,3mm D=11,9mm$0.63Out of Stock
9Cable Terminal881497 For cable area 3,0-6,0mm²., I.d=8,3mm D=12,7mm - Thru Dealer**
9Cable Terminal940333 For cable area 6,5-10,5mm²., I.d=8,3mm D=15,1mm$2.42Out of Stock
9Cable Terminal881502
Replaced by

 For cable area 10,5-16,0mm²., I.d=8,3mm D=15,9mm 

Out of Stock
9Cable Terminal940336 For cable area 16mm², I.d=8,4mm D=14mm$1.54Out of Stock
9Cable Terminal940337 For cable area 6,5-10,5mm²., I.d=10,5mm D=18mm$1.60Out of Stock
9Cable Terminal881498 For cable area 3,0-6,0mm²., I.d=10,5mm D=15,4mm - Thru Dealer**
10Cable Terminal11426 Obsolete part, For cable area 0,75-2,5mm², I.d=4,5mm D=8mm - Thru Dealer**
11Cable Terminal949404 For cable area 1-2,5mm², L=6,4mm b=5,6mm$0.51
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11Cable Terminal949210 For cable area 0,75-1mm², L=7,4mm b=6,5mm$0.43
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11Cable Terminal881483 For cable area 1,5-2,5mm²., L=7,7mm b=7,6mm$1.01
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11Cable Terminal881484 For cable area 3,0-6,0mm²., L=7,7mm b=7,6mm$1.10
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12Cable Terminal949204 Obsolete part, For cable area 1-2,5mm², L=7,7mm b=7,4mm - Thru Dealer**
12Cable Terminal881485 For cable area 1,5-2,5mm²., L=7,7mm b=7,6mm$2.23
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12Cable Terminal881486 For cable area 3,0-6,0mm²., L=7,7mm b=7,6mm$0.60
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13Cable Terminal941730
Replaced by

 For cable area 1,5-2,5mm²., L=7,7mm b=6,4mm 

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13Cable Terminal881491 For cable area 1,5-2,5mm²., L=7,7mm b=7,6mm$2.29
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15Cable Terminal881489 For cable area 1-2,5mm², L=7,6mm b=7,6mm$0.90
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16Cable Terminal881511 Obsolete part, For cable area 3,0-6,0mm²., I.d=4,4mm D=8mm - Thru Dealer**
16Cable Terminal881509 Obsolete part, For cable area 1,5-2,5mm²., I.d=4,4mm D=9,8mm - Thru Dealer**
16Cable Terminal881505 Obsolete part, For cable area 1,5-2,5mm²., I.d=5,2mm D=8,7mm - Thru Dealer**
17Cable Terminal943799 Obsolete part, For cable area 16mm²., L=8mm b=6,3mm - Thru Dealer**
17Cable Terminal881487 For cable area 1,5-2,5mm²., L=15,7mm b=6,3mm$1.51
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17Cable Terminal881488 For cable area 3,0-6,0mm²., L=15,7mm b=6,3mm$2.40
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18Cable Terminal881518
Replaced by

 For cable area 1,5-2,5mm²., L=10mm b=6,3mm 

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19Tab839328 L=16,3mm b=6,3mm$9.77Out of Stock
20Cable Terminal941449 Obsolete part, I.d=3,7mm b=6,3mm 9 - Thru Dealer**
20Cable Terminal, Flat Pin941090 Obsolete part, I.d=4,1mm b=6,3mm - Thru Dealer**
20Cable Terminal944485 I.d=5,2mm b=6,3mm$0.29
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20Cable Terminal942888 I.d=5,2mm b=6,3mm45$0.43Out of Stock
20Spade Terminal829311
Replaced by

 I.d=5,2mm b=6,35mm4 

Out of Stock
21Cable Terminal942429 For cable area 1,5-2,5mm²., I.d=1,8mm L=14,4mm$0.33
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Replaced by

 For 846612 

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22Cable Terminal849959 For 846612$2.27
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Replaced by

 For 846647 

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23Cable Terminal849958 For 846647$4.41
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24Cable Terminal948291
Replaced by

 For cable area 2,5-4,5mm², D=3,56mm L=12,5mm 

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24Cable Terminal965824 For 1608765$0.61
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25Clip844280 L=61mm$13.37
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26Cable Terminal954505 - pole 70-90mm²$17.79
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26Cable Terminal954506 + pole 70-90mm²$17.79
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27Splice956956 Pour section cable 0,5-1,5 millimetre-carre, L=26mm$0.51
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27Splice956958 For cable area 1,5-2,5mm²., L=26mm$1.51Out of Stock
27Splice956960 For cable area 3,0-6,0mm²., L=28mm$2.11Out of Stock
28Housing944221 For 881489$1.57
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29Tape858283  $14.53
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30Cable Terminal949371 For 1598753$2.08
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31Connector944306  $2.43
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32Cable Terminal940336 For cable area 16mm²., I.d=8,4mm D=14mm$1.54Out of Stock

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